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Play Canasta Online

Canasta supports online gaming. The program has a built-in lobby function, which allows you to find other players online.

Please follow these steps to start a online game:

  • Of course, first download and install Canasta
  • Open Canasta
  • Select Network from the menu, then select Lobby
  • Enter a nickname and press Login. If you have a Canasta License Key, the nickname you select will remain reserved for you
  • Select the name of a person in the 'Available Players' list and press 'Invite' to start a match. That's it!
  • If there are no players available, press 'Hide, stay available' to close the Lobby screen while staying available for play


Ladder Competition

The Internet Gaming Ladder Competition is available for all users of Canasta. It's free, go check it out!

On the ladder you will find players of every strength, so that you can enjoy a game against someone of your own level. Of course, it's also an excellent opportunity to improve that level!

The second Canasta ladder competition is Canasta Our Way.


Technical Information

If you are unable to connect to the Canasta game lobby, there are a couple of things to verify:
  • Do you use a proxy server? If so, use the 'Proxy' button in the Lobby screen to enter your settings
  • Do you use a firewall (like ZoneAlarm or Norton Personal Firewall)? If so, make sure that Canasta is allowed to act as a client, and that port 4500 is not blocked
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